Honda Civic SIĀ 

Cartel DVS Snow Camo SI

One of the most the most interesting aspects of the DVS/Drag Cartel Civic Si is the Matrix Jean-covered seats,headliner, and custom floormats. (Think of stitching blue jean material onto your seats.) This Si also sports a Honda Factory Performance body kit that was custom molded to the car, covered in “camo” paint scheme graphics, and then given a three-stage clear coat to make the vinyl graphics appear painted on. Trust us, it looks spectacular in person. Racing Hart R5 Pro Series 19×8-inch wheels are wrapped with BF Goodrich g-Force 215/35R19 shoes. Wilwood provides the stopping power with front and rear 12-inch rotors clamped by four-caliper pistons. Engines upgrades are plenty along with a full compliment of Sony Xplode audio/visual components